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[General] Recruitment for International Faculty Positions 최종 수정일 : 2015.06.22
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International Faculty Positions
Sungkyunkwan University, Korea 

The Sungkyunkwan University(SKKU) seeks qualified candidates for non tenure-track positions(the contract will be renewed every 2 years upon evaluation) beginning in the academic year 2015(1st Sep). Candidates are expected to teach up to nine credits per semester in undergraduate(main)/graduate courses and invited at the Assistant Professor level in the following areas:  
1.	 Business School
- Field: Business Communication
- Courses expected to teach: Global Communication, Business Communication
-  SKKU’s Business School, Seoul, Korea, is recruiting English-native teachers to offer Global Business Communication in both undergraduate and graduate with the teaching load of 30 credits in a year. Ph.D is not necessary but master’s degree is essential.
2.	School of Art: Fine Arts
- Field: Studio Art
- Courses expected to teach: Drawing, Study of Materials, Artistic Techniques
- Department of Fine Arts, SKKU is looking for experts in the field of practical art scene as a professor for the student emission levels associated with global majors practical education and arts scene according to the trend expanded the area of contemporary art in various media that represent fields. 
3.	College of Information and Communication Engineering : Electronic and Electrical Engineering
- We intend to hire a specialist in Power System Analysis who can teach power system related subjects.
- Expected qualifications: Major in Electrical Engineering or Power System Engineering at the undergraduate or graduate school
- Courses expected to teach: Elements of power system analysis, distribution system and related subjects at the undergraduate or graduate level
- We are looking for a qualified scholar who can share the educational vision of SKKU and will conduct some collaborative research on power system analysis
4.	College of Information and Communication Engineering : Computer Engineering
- Field: Computer Engineering
- Courses expected to teach: Algorithm, Introduction to Computer Engineering, Data Structure
- Department of Computer Engineering, SKKU is looking for a highly qualified candidate for a lecturing professor position who has a Ph.D degree of Computer Science and Engineering. The Successful candidate will teach basic fundamental courses such as Algorithm, Data Structure, Introduction to Computer Engineering etc.
5.	College of Information and Communication Engineering : Software
- Field: Software
- Courses expected to teach: Discrete Mathematics, Programming in C or Phython, Introduction to  Computers
- Department of Software, SKKU is looking for a highly qualified candidate for a teaching faculty position(non-tenure track) with a Ph.D degree of Computer Science or Engineering. A successful candidate will teach basic fundamental courses such as Discrete mathematics, Programming(C, Phython, Java), introduction to Computer Engineering etc.
6.	College of Engineering: Advanced Materials Science and Engineering
 - Field: Materials Science and Engineering
- Courses expected to teach: Engineering Mathematics, Mechanical Properties of Materials, Phase Transformation, Crystallography, solid State Physics
- A foreign lecturer who majored and received a Ph.D degree from Materials Science & Engineering. He/she is required to teach core courses such as “Engineering mathematics”, “Mechanical properties of solids”, “Phase transformation”, “Crystallography”, “Solid state physics”, etc.
7.	College of Engineering: Systems Management Engineering
- Field: Industrial Engineering
- Courses expected to teach: Engineering Economics, Object-Oriented Programming
Required Qualifications
Candidates must have the ability to teach effectively at both the undergraduate and graduate levels and must  have Ph.D or Ph.D. in hand expected by the end of Jul. 2015. And only non-Koreans can apply for this position.

Employer Information 
Sungkyunkwan University is synonymous with both tradition and innovation in education. The literal meaning of the University's name is 'an institution for building a harmonious society' of perfected human beings. The University's faculties of over 1,400 are committed to quality teaching and research, offering students a challenging environment for intellectual and personal growth. Based on a highly successful partnership with Samsung who has generously funded several core initiatives, the University has been rapidly developing and prospering. 

The yearly salary is over KRW 40,000,000 and is negotiable depending on the previous educational background and work experience.

Qualified candidates should submit application form(attached file), evidence of teaching potential, letters of recommendation from two different references, and a copy of students' lecture evaluation and a sample moving picture for your teaching(if possible) to the office of faculty affairs(fainsa@skku.edu). The deadline for receipt of all application materials is  5 pm, Jul. 3rd(Fri), 2015(in Korean time).

Anticipated Starting Date: Sep 1st, 2015

Contact Information
You can get information from Faculty Affairs Team(fainsa@skku.edu) Websites: http://www.skku.edu/eng Sungkyunkwan University 25-2, Sungkyunkwan-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea 110-745 Phone: +82-2-760-1062 Fax: +82-2-744-8609
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