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[General] Lotus Lantern Festival Global Supporters 최종 수정일 : 2015.03.20
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JOIN NOW! Lotus Lantern Festival Global Supporters!
Important Intangible Culture Heritage NO.122 Lotus Lantern Festival
Foreign and Korean Volunteers Recruit.

Important Intangible Culture Heritage NO.122 Lotus Lantern Festival is one of the 3 biggest festivals in Korea with 1500years old history. We’re now recruiting Global Supporters for this international festival celebrated by over 300 thousand people every year! 

- Free Templestay
- Participation in Lotus Lantern Festival Parade
- Participation in Korean Halloween “HoGiNoRi”
- All teams will be consisted of 1:1 Koreans and foreigners, activities are conducted in both English and Korean
- Volunteer service time about 40hrs authenticated by Ministry of Government Administration and Home Affairs (1365)
- Free educational lectures for volunteers
- Uniform (tailored traditional Hanbok)

Application Period and Interview
- Application Period: March 2~ April 1, 2015
- Submit Application at: www.Cham.me homepage
- Interview Date: April 4, 2015
- Interview Venue: Jongno-gu, Seoul

Volunteer Education & Program Schedule
- April 8 (Wed), 6pm~8pm : Orientation
- April 11(Sat)~12(Sun): 1 night 2 days Templestay in temple
- Lectures: 4/15(Wed), 4/22(Wed), 5/13(Wed), pm7:00~9:00
- April 26(Sun): Food serving at Seoul Elderly Welfare Center
- April 29(Wed): Lighting ceremony and flash mob at Gwanghwamun
- May 2(Sat): Hogi Nori Culture Festival Volunteering
- May 16(Sat)~17(Sun): Lotus Lantern Festival volunteering
- May 30(Sat): Final Workshop
※ All programs are conducted in both Korean and English
※ Education Venue: Templestay Information Center (Across Jogye Temple)

- Youth between 20~30 who wish to enjoy Lotus Lantern Festival and participant in volunteer works during the event
- Members needed: 150 (Korean 75, Foreigners 75)
***Volunteers will be selected after interview in English. (all the programs will be learn by Korean & English)

What do supporters do?
1. Learn!
Chance to learn about Korean Important Intangible Culture Heritage NO.122, “Lotus Lantern Festival” & Korean old history and culture while experiencing the traditional cultural festival!
Beyond religions and nationalities, participate in the humanism festival brings all as one

2. Laugh! Fun!
More than 100 different experience booths;
Flash mob welcomes everyone to join;
Fascinating lotus lantern parade;
Exciting unity celebration and many other events as well as tasty foods! Let’s enjoy all together!

3. Friendship!
Meet new friends at Korean representative festival Lotus Lantern Festival which is now growing into an international event
Participate in the meaningful volunteer works and build friendship with Korean as well as foreign friends at Lotus Lantern Festival

4. Joy & Enjoy
Final workshop filled with joyful memories after the festival!
Participate in even more programs held by Cham E&C!

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