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[Academics] Fall Semester, 2023 Entry-to-a-Major(Overseas Koreans students/International students) 최종 수정일 : 2023.07.18
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1. Subject of Application: 
- Overseas Koreans and international students who entered University College before or in 2022 Fall Semester and have completed two semesters by the end of 2023 Spring semester.
(International students cannot apply the 'MEDIA COMMUNICATION DEPARTMENT' because the quota is exceeded due to priority assignment.)

2. The first Application Period
   ☞ 2023. Jun. 5.(Mon.) 10:00 to Jun. 9.(Fri.) 18:00 

3. Priority assignment for international students with outstanding TOPIK result and academic performance
   ☞ 2023. Jun. 19.(Mon.) to Jun. 30.(Fri.) 18:00 
      (Only e-mail submit: windwinda@skku.edu)
※ General application via GLS must also be done as the overall GPA can be less than 3.5 points after 2023 spring semester's GPA is finalized.

4. Application Changing Period(rankings can be seen until 17:30 of the last day)
   ☞ 2023. Jul. 17.(Mon.) 10:00 to Jul. 18.(Tue.) 18:00

◆ If you change a major or the rankings of majors, you must complete to save in GLS system before 18:00 on the last day of application period.

5. Date of Announcement / Change of Affiliated Department
   ☞ Announcement on Entry-to-a-Major: 2023. July. 20.(Thu.) 10:00
   ☞ Change of Affiliated Department: 2023. Aug. 27.(Sun.)

6. Application Process
  1) Application must be done by GLS within the application period
  2) Students should set rankings for all majors in the department.
  3) Change of rankings are only possible within the application(changing) period.
  4) After the changing period, you can not change your major.
  5) Apply ranking is more important than grades.  If a student (A) with 4.0 grades applies for a "ABC" major with 2nd choice and a student (B) with 3.5 grades applies for a "ABC" major with 1st choice, B student ranks higher than A student.

◆ GLS ⇨ Application/Requirements Management ⇨ Application for Major ⇨  Place Preference Rankings of Majors  ⇨ Apply

7. Notice 
  For further information, please contact University College Administration Office

◆ Contact information
- University College Administration Office
☏ Seoul Campus: 02-760-0991∼2, 2F Hoam hall
☏ Suwon Campus: 031-299-4223∼4, 2F General Studies Bld. 
- Academic Guidance Office
☏ Humanities, Social Sciences: 02-760-0772~4
☏ Natural sciences, Engineering, Electronic and Electrical·Computer Science Engineering: 031-299-4216∼7,9
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