SKKU College of Liberal Arts achieves an S rank from the Third CORE Post Management Annual Inspection 2022.06.23
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SKKU College of Liberal Arts achieves an S rank 

from the Third CORE Post Management Annual Inspection

Announced on June 3rd, the College of Liberal Arts (Dean, Prof.  Kyong Sok Lim) received an S rank from the third CORE (Initiative for COllege of humanities' Research and Education) post-management annual inspection.

The CORE initiative is a project funded by the Ministry of Education from 2016 to 2018 for the progress of humanity field with an investment scale of 9.5 billion won and even after the end of the project, post-management is under progress for 5 years (2019~2023) to sustain the project’s major accomplishments and maintenance controls.

The post-management of the CORE initiative is composed of a global regional studies model, humanities-based integrated model, advanced basic academic model, and university model. The third year of the post-management phase mainly focuses on the efforts for fostering excellent next academic generations such as sustainment of previous results, Myeongnyun lecture hall establishment, reorganization of major subjects, and enhancement of humanities reflected student guidance, etc.

From the results of the annual inspection, the National Research Foundation of Korea evaluated the following categories as ‘outstanding’: increase in the number of faculty participating in post-management, regular subject linked employment/entrepreneurship capabilities enhancement program, Grass Roots Academic Society management & support, vitalization of MOOC lecture development, vitalization of integrated/complex classes through active development of new subjects & C/L setup, and establishment of Myeongnyun lecture hall.

Based on NRFK annual inspection results, the College of Liberal Arts is planning to continuously proceed to support the next academic generation and develop programs related to humanities for maintaining project achievements from the 4th year onward.

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