Yoo Jin-young, selected as an excellent participant in the BK21 project & received the Deputy Prime Minister's Award 2022.01.26
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Yoo Jin-young, selected as an excellent participant in the BK21 project & received the Deputy Prime Minister's Award

[image] Yoo Jin-young, graduate student

Yoo Jin-young (BK and thesis advisor Professor Ryu Doo-jin), a graduate student of the BK21 Education Research Group (Director: Kim Sung-hyun, Dean of Department of Economics), was selected as an excellent participant in the fourth phase of the BK21 project in 2021 and received an award of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education. The Deputy Prime Minister's Prize was awarded to 24 graduate students and 5 new researchers who produced outstanding results among all participants in the Education Research Group (team) of the 4 turns BK21 project, and only 4 were selected nationwide in the field of social science.

Yoo Jin-young graduate student graduated economics bachelor and participated in BK21 Education Research Group as an integrated Ph.D. program, and have published 15 volumes of SSCI academic journal papers including European Journal of Finance and Journal of Futures Markets. Currently, he is the first graduate student in Korea to be dispatched to McIntire School of Commerce and University of Virginia, one of the world's top 10 business schools selected by the U.S. News & World Report, as an official Visiting Scholar for overseas joint research.

Yoo Jin-young said, "Thanks to the BK21 Education Research Group in Economics, I was able to focus on research only, and I would like to thank Kim Sung-hyun, the director, and Ryu Doo-jin, my supervisor, for generously advising and teaching me on thesis writing. I will continue to make endless efforts to become a great researcher in the field of finance."

 The BK21 Education Research Group, which leads growth of the Korean economy in the digital era, was overwhelmingly selected as the No. 1 in the 4 turns BK21 project contest in 2020, and has produced various international academic achievements such as Inviting Nobel Prize winners, holding large international academic conferences, joint education and research with prestigious universities abroad, publishing international renowned academic journals for academic successors, and producing full-time faculty members in econom
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