President Dong-Ryeol Shin joins ‘Plastic Zero GoGo Challenge’ 2021.05.07
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President Dong-Ryeol Shin joins ‘Plastic Zero GoGo Challenge’ 

President Dong-Ryeol joined the ‘GoGo Challenge’, a relay environmental campaign that was started with the purpose of reducing the use of disposable products and plastics by the Ministry of Environment.

President Shin requested for an active involvement by saying, “Due to the prolonged COVID-19, the use of plastic has increased a lot. So, I hope you all reduce disposable products and practice recycling on a daily basis.”

‘Go Go Challenge’ is a campaign that promises to reject one thing we shouldn’t do and practice one thing we should do in order to reduce plastic in life. The Go Go Challenge is an ongoing practice campaign on Social Network Service (SNS). It proceeds by appointing a next runner.

President Shin participated in this campaign by being appointed by President Kangwoong Lee of Korea Aerospace University and he nominated President Jisang Yoo of Kwangwoon University as the next runner.

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