SAIHST - NECA Signed a MOU 2021.04.07
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Samsung Advanced Institute for Health Sciences and Technolgy - National Evidence-based healthcare Collaborating Agency Signed a MOU

SKKU Samsung Advanced Institute for Health Sciences & Technology (SAIHST, Director: Yeop Yoon) and National Evidence-based healthcare Collaborating Agency (NECA, Director: Gwanghyup Han and Euiyeon Bo) signed a MOU to develop healthcare industry and foster talents.

Two institutions agreed in writing to share expertise and information in each field and to cooperate in promoting human exchanges by establishing mutual cooperative relationships.

Major agreements include information exchange in medical device industry and digital healthcare sector, joint operation of medical technology evaluation/evidence-based health and medical policy expert curriculum, and mutual professional exchanges.

Currently, the two institutions are offering lectures on the “New Medical Technology Evaluation System and Practice” for students in Department of Medical Device Management and Research, and providing education on the New Medical Technology Evaluation System and systematic literature review. They also plan to expand education programs in the future.

It is expected to contribute to developing the domestic healthcare industry and fostering talents to lead the future development of medical science by signing the agreement between educational institution specialized in medical device industries such as convergence science and digital health and operational institution of new medical technology evaluation system.

Yeop Yoon the director of SAIHST said, “I expect that Eui Yeon’s sincere move toward fostering talents in the field of healthcare technology and policy will greatly contribute to establishment of evidence-based health care. Through this agreement, the SAIHST will focus more on education and research, actively exchange human resources, and share information.”

Eui Yeon Bo and Gwanghyup Han the directors of NECA said, “The foundation for the development of the health care industry begins with fostering human resources. We will continue to actively cooperate in sharing expertise and exchanging human resources based on close exchange with academia.”

[Image 1]  Yeop Yoon the Director of SAIHST, SKKU

[Image 2]  Gwanghyup Han the Director of NECA 

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