AI President Presented at the Entrance Ceremony 2021.02.23
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AI President Presented at the Entrance Ceremony 
- Congratulatory message from AI President for the first time -


On Feb 19 (Fri), there was a congratulatory message from AI President at the online entrance ceremony. It was the first time to present AI President at the university. The video is available at the SKKU’s official YouTube channel. (https://youtu.be/RwNYZlt0aos)

There was a little surprise for freshmen while delivering congratulatory message from the AI President. The real President Dong-Ryeol Shin showed up in the video. Even the real President was confused and when he tried to give a speech, the AI President interrupted him by saying “I’ve already gave the congratulatory speech for freshmen.”

Since his inauguration, President Dong-Ryeol Shin has always been emphasized that “The era when the use of AI determines the success or failure of all academic fields is approaching. So, our university should encourage our students to strive for the AI capabilities.” Through presenting AI President at the entrance ceremony, he clearly reminded that to students again.

Other than the extraordinary event, SKKU held a fashion show with the theme of ‘What to wear for the first day of school?’ and introduced interesting anecdotes of freshmen. Many more programs were offered to encourage freshmen, who were forced to attend online ceremony due to the COVID-19.


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