College of Information and Communication Engineering, Opens Education Support Center dedicated to AI.IoT 2020.06.25
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College of Information and Communication Engineering, Opens Education Support Center dedicated to AI.IoT

 [Image 1]President of SKKU, Dong Ryeol Shin attended the opening ceremony of the AI.IoT Education Support Center with other professors of CICE.

The opening ceremony of the College of Information and Communication Engineering(CICE)’s AI.IoT Education Support Center was held on June 24 at Engineering 1. Dong Ryeol Shin (President), Jun Ho Lee (Dean), Jong Seo Chai (Dean), and other significant faculty members attended at the opening ceremony.

The laboratory, which has been extensively renovated and recreated, is divided into a creation room and a challenge room. And it is expected to provide a pleasant environment for students in the future. The hall has an exhibition hall, so students’ work will also be displayed as permanent basis.

This center will provide educational programs of coding, AI, and IoT based on car industry and not only our students but also visitors can join the program. It will also run programs to practice our university’s coursework, challenge semester, PBL education. There will be affiliated educational programs for high school students and corporate engineers.

Additionally, it will be running as a ‘makerspace’, where students can think, make, fail, and challenge, and will foster human resources with hands-on capabilities. To make this happen, a Prototype Verification Room with 3D printers, oscilloscopes, and soldering irons is prepared in the Creation Room, and the center will help students’ start-up businesses.

Prof. Yong Seok Kim has been appointed as the head of the center. Prof. Jong Hwan Ko will be in charge of AI education and Prof. Jung Rae Kim will be in charge of IoT education.

Dong Ryeol Shin (President) said, “I expect the CICE to play a central role in the AI.IoT education of our university. Also, I hope that the center will be opened to other colleges and used as a PBL education center.”

Jong Seo Chai (Dean of Electronic and Electrical Engineering) said, “Like the name of the creation room and challenge room, I hope it will be a practice space where students visit anytime to create creative ideas and challenge and fail.”

[Image2]Creation Room
There are six tables for six people. The total seating capacity is 36 people. 

There is the Prototype Verification Room on the left. 

The wall is decorated as shelves where students can keep books or works that have been exhibited.

 [Image3]Challenge Room

There are 8 tables for 6 people. The total seating capacity is 48 people.

[Image4]Exhibition Hall in the hallway

These are the works of the CICE’s 4th year students. 

They exhibited after they finished the course of comprehensive design project. 

A total of 10 are on display.

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