2019’s SKKU-HKUST Intercultural Peer Learning Program Successfully Completed 2020.01.17
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2019’s SKKU-HKUST Intercultural Peer Learning Program Successfully Completed

[Image 1] Photo of All Participants 

The Center for Innovative Engineering Education (CIEE) opened the “2019 Intercultural Peer Learning Program (IPLP)” from January 6 (Mon) to January 11 (Sat). In collaboration with HKUST, diverse students participated in this capstone design project while spending time together for 5 days.

[Image 2] First Prize Winners' Work: A cover to prevent burns for street vendors 

IPLP is an international collaborative program that has been running every year between Hong Kong and Korea since 2014. Centered around design, a diverse group of students with different major concentrations get together in teams of 5 or 6 to exchange culture and technological knowledge, all while developing global perspectives.

[Image 3] 

Second Prize: This wireless earphone corrects posture to prevent a flat neck syndrome by using gyro sensors

Thrid Prize:  Wearable Air Purifier for One Person

This year, a total of 29 students (10 from HKUST, 11 from SKKU, and 8 from universities affiliated with CIEE) participated in IPLP, demonstrating their boundless creativity. HKUST and SKKU each prepared a workshop enriching technological and cultural exchange.

Director of the Center for Innovative Engineering Education, Prof. Ji-Beom YOO, said, “Cultural exchange and knowledge sharing between students enable peer learning, which is tremendously valuable. I will further support and encourage facilitation of multicultural and multidisciplinary learning between Hong Kong and Korea”.

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