Professor LEE and JUNG selected for “Samsung Future Technology Development Program” 2019.04.15
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[Prof. Sungkil LEE and Hyunsuk JUNG]

Two professors from SKKU has been chosen for the “Samsung Future Technology Development Program”. Prof. Sungkil LEE from Dept. of Computer Engineering and Prof. Hyunsuk JUNG from School of Advanced Materials Science & Engineering were chosen to receive research funds to conduct two projects. The total amount of the fund is KRW 2,100,000,000.

Prof. JUNG will receive KRW 1,200,000,000 for his project of developing multifunctional filter (membrane) that can purify pollutants. Prof. LEE will receive KRW 900,000,000 for his project on incomplete rendering in the process of deep learning. 

The Samsung Science & Technology Foundation is planning an information session at the Natural Sciences Campus on May 3rd to advocate participation of SKKU faculties.

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