Prof. Dokwan KIM’s Team push ahead Non-Clinical Research on the Usability of Medical Cannabis 2019.04.12
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Prof. Dokwan KIM’s research team (School of Medicine) began a five-year long research project on verifying the usability of cannabis extract in relieving chronic pain and weight fluctuation in metabolic syndrome through a non-clinical method.

This was a result of the research agreement (IRB/IACUC no.20190114003) that was signed last month between SKKU Research & Business Foundation and New Pride corporation. New Pride is a leading company in the biomedical industry that has established the infrastructure for the development and distribution of medical cannabis extract.

Prof. KIM’s research team is planning to perform an analysis of physical change in animal model and the physiochemical component by oral medication of medical cannabis to two different types of models. In this process the team will check its effect in reducing weight and ethological change of animals to investigate alleviation of chronic pain. This research will systematically evaluate the effects of medical cannabis, which has not yet been established in Korea.

Today, most of the developed nations such as United States and Germany legally permit the use of medical cannabis. Last December, Thailand became the first Asian country to legalize the use of medical cannabis. Korea has permitted the limited use of medical cannabis by amending the law last November.

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