Sungkyun Institute of China Studies: One of top Think tanks in Korea 2019.03.04
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SKKU Sungkyun Institute of China Studies was listed in the Top 100 Ranking of Think Tanks in Korea (announced by Hankyung Business). It is the only China research institute found in the Top 100 ranking.

Most of the institutions in the ranking are either government-run institutions or diplomatic/security related research institutions. SKKU Sungkyun Institute of China Studies has made an eye-opening progress among these big institutions.

Sungkyun Institute of China Studies has been improving in the rankings in recent years. It has improved from 27thplace (2017) to 18th place (2018) and this year the institution reached 14th place in the rankings. It received high evaluation ininfluential power and research quality; the score nearly doubled compared to last year. 

The evaluators have evaluated the Sungkyun Institute of China Studies as a university research institute that analyze and advise on issues such as policies in China’s coastline cities and Korean government’s policy toward China. 

Sungkyun Institute of China Studies performed many projects for government organizations and companies and also published many research articles in Korean and Chinese. It has the reputation as Korea’s best research institution for Chinese studies.

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