Mr. Choong Gu LEE, Chairman of Unix Electronics donates 110 Million Won 2019.01.31
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On January 25th, Chairman Choong Gu LEE (Graduated in 59’) visited President’s office to donate 100 Million Won for Sungkyun Nobel Prize Fund and 10 Million Won for Student Meal Support Fund.

Chairman LEE has donated over 1.8 Billion Won to SKKU, which included 5 million won towards the dormitory construction fund, 5 million Won for Vision 2010 Fund, and 3 million won for "LEE Chung GU Life Science Scholarship Fund".

In this ceremony, Dong-Ryeol SHIN(President of SKKU), Yong Taek YUN (Chairman of Alumni Association), Tae Hyup LEE (Executive Director), Hong Won JUNG (previously Prime Minister of Korea),Hong Joon YOO (Vice-President of Humanities Campus), Young Bok BAE (Vice-Chairmanof Alumni Association) and Hang Sik ROH (CEO of C&C Project Corporation) attended to express gratitude to the chairman’s donation.

Chairman LEE said, “I feel very proud of my university as it advances in the global community. I decided to donate after hearing the news about the creation of the “Noble Prize Fund”. I hope that this fund is used as the foundation to improve our university’s research power and produce Korea’s first Noble prize winner.”

On the same day, Mr. Hang Sik ROH, CEO of C&C Project Corporation has also donated 10 Million Won for the Noble Prize Fund.

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