SKKU ranked 33rd(Global), 1st(Korea) place in Chemistry 2018.12.28
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SKKU has ranked 33rd(global) and1st(Korea) in the chemistry section of the ‘US News Subject Ranking’.

US News’ subject ranking is assessed based on the number of thesis publication/citation and global reputation. It uses one of the world’s most renowned database ‘Web of Science’ (Clarivate Analytics) to count the number of thesis publication/citation. 

For the subject of chemistry, it evaluated 1,032 global universities and SKKU has ranked 33rd globally, 14thin Asia, and 2nd in Korea.

UC Berkeley and Nanyang Technological University was named as the top universities in the global ranking. SKKU wasr anked as the top university among regular universities in Korea and it was followed by UNIST, SNU, POSTECH, etc.

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