SKK GSB, hosted by the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University and organized the Korea Study Tour program 2023.05.23
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SKK GSB, hosted by the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University and organized the Korea Study Tour program

SKK GSB, led by Dean Eric Chuan Fong Shih, conducted the Korea Study Tour program from May 12th (Fri) to May 20th (Sat) for 24 undergraduate students from Indiana University's Kelley School of Business.

SKK GSB and Indiana Kelley School have a collaborative dual-degree program and maintain a close exchange and cooperation relationship. Based on this, SKK GSB planned and organized this program.

The Korea Study Tour program focused on the theme of "Business Trends and Solutions in Korea: Innovation." It provided students with the opportunity to visit various domestic institutions and companies leading innovation in their respective fields and learn in-depth about South Korea's economic development since the Miracle on the Han River.

Starting with a special lecture by SKK GSB's Vice Dean Raunaq Pungaliya, titled "Miracle on Han River & Today's Korean Economy," the program included visits to major institutions such as the Korea Exchange, Seoul City Hall, and G Valley Industrial Museum. The students also visited companies including Hanwha Group, Netmarble Company, Boeing Korea, KBS, and the university's faculty startup bioventure, IMNEWRUN. They also participated in a CEO lecture by the CEO of Envisioning Partners, a well-known first-generation impact investor in Korea.

A student who participated, Sean Liston expressed his impression of the program, saying, "Through this Korea Study Tour, I was able to clearly learn and feel the driving force behind South Korea's rapid growth in a short period of time. I came to realize that this driving force is the pride in Korea's deep roots and culture."

Professor Alexandre Barsi-Lopes, who accompanied the students, expressed gratitude to SKK GSB for organizing and providing this meaningful learning opportunity, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a strong exchange and cooperation relationship in the future.

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