Quantum Information Research Support Center holds 2022 K-Quantum Square Meeting 2022.11.30
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Quantum Information Research Support Center holds 

2022 K-Quantum Square Meeting for the Establishment of Quantum Information Eco-system

Quantum Information Research Support Center (Director Yonuk Chung) held the ‘2022 K-Quantum Square Meeting’, a place of communication and exchange to vitalize the Korean community of industry, academics, research, and government in Yeouido on Nov. 29 (Tue.).

This event was held to combine industry, academic, research, and government capabilities and form organic connections. The event was also focused on communication/interchange between participating organizations such as opening a booth and introducing Korea’s major groups/organizations and supporting business projects in quantum technology fields.

In this event, major institutions of Korea’s quantum technology field have participated such as SKKU’s Quantum Information Research Support Center which is progressing with supporting activities and foundation establishment to form an ecosystem of quantum information, the Korean Society of Quantum Information, and recently established (on Nov. 8) Quantum Computing Industry Leading Companies Union.

The hosting organization, the Ministry of Science & ICT, explained policies, the progress of business projects, and future development directions of quantum technology, converging opinions about those topics. Also, they introduced recent progress in establishing & managing quantum field graduate schools to focus on fostering quantum experts as a part of government policy/business and the current status report of the 50-Cubit Korean Quantum Computer Construction Project (2022~2026, 49 billion won invested, nine industry/academic/research institutions participating).

Director Chung, asserted, “The resultant growth of new research human resources in the quantum field trained over the past three years through foreign studies are very encouraging, and we will continue to contribute to the creation of an ecosystem in the quantum information field and make more efforts to revitalize the industry-academic quantum ecosystem.”

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