Conversation of Education Innovation with Executive VP - Minerva University Founder and CEO 2022.09.22
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Conversation of Education Innovation with 

Joonmo Cho (Executive Vice President of HSSC) - Minerva University Founder and CEO

Joonmo Cho (Executive Vice President of Humanities and Social Sciences Campus and Vice President of Academic Affairs) had a conversation with Ben Nelson (Founder and CEO of Minerva University) under the topic of ‘Education Innovation of Higher Education after Pandemic’ at the Shilla Hotel where 2022 World Knowledge Forum (hosted by Maeil Business Newspaper) was held on September 19.

The demands for change and innovation in university education after the pandemic are growing higher day by day and the digital transformation of higher education followed by digital technology development is advancing rapidly. According to this trend, SKKU is taking lead in executing resolute education and content innovation.

In the conversation, Mr. Cho introduced the currently active On/Offline Hybrid SKKU-type 3H (High-Quality, Hybrid, HyFlex) Education Innovation Model, ‘Global/Innovation Class’ and Minerva University also introduced the online education innovation model ‘Fully Active Learning’.

SKKU and Minerva University announced to promote continuous discussion and to unite their minds for the cooperation of two universities where the two education innovations of each school, ‘Global /Innovation Class’ & ‘Fully Active Learning’, will be compared and integrated for suggesting the new direction of education.

※ Minerva University Fully Active Learning

Minerva University, having its 10th anniversary, proceeds its courses 100% online and utilizes an online platform called FORUM for student-centered innovated education method, ‘Fully Active Learning’. Minerva University has designed its curriculum using its dormitories in 7 different cities of the world where students stay at each city per semester to actually have global learning experience and projects, producing graduates of Ivy League level.

※ SKKU Global/Innovation Class

Global/Innovation Class is SKKU’s on/offline hybrid innovated education model and is composed of global classes in which education contents from globally prestigious schools are integrated into SKKU classes and innovation classes where class contents are more focused on student activities.

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