Prof. Youngsun Back Selected for ‘Korean Academic Translation Project' 2022.09.22
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Prof. Youngsun Back (College of Confucian Studies & Eastern Philosophy) 

Selected for ‘Korean Academic Translation Project’

[Image] Prof. Youngsun Back (the first person on the right)

Prof. Youngsun Back of the College of Confucian Studies & Eastern Philosophy (Director of Institute for Eastern Philosophy & Culture) was selected for the ‘Korean Academic Translation Project’ promoted by the Ministry of Education and Korean Studies Promotion Service.

The Korean Academic Translation Project, which will be held for 3 years from September 2022, aims to spread Korean studies internationally by translating Korean classical and modern academic books into English and supporting them to be published in prominent overseas universities and academic publishing houses. Prof. Back was selected for this project by applying for <Siqixinbian(四七新編)> by Sungho(星湖) Yi Yik(李瀷) (1681-1763), a Confucian scholar in the late Joseon Dynasty, as a book subject to translation. It is an encouraging achievement that has been recognized for the academic significance of the translated book on Korean philosophy and the translation capability of the research director in that she was the only Korean research director among the selected tasks.

This translation project is one of the representative essays on ‘The Four-Seven Debate’, a representative research topic of Korean philosophy, and introduces Yi Yik’s <Siqixinbian(四七新編)> by translating it into English. Through this, it aims to broaden the understanding of ‘The Four-Seven Debate’ and at the same time rekindle the interest of the British and American academic circles and inform the philosophical contribution of an important Korean thinker named ‘Yi Yik’, who is relatively unknown in the British and American academic circles.

To this end, Prof. Sojeong Park (joint researcher) and graduate student Na Ha (research assistant) who is preparing a doctoral thesis under the theme of Sungho Yi Yik’s theory of Siduanqiqinglun(四端七情論), will work together to complete high-quality translation results. In addition, a native English editor with experience in translating the Chinese Philosophy Academy will participate to enhance the English toxicity of the translated version and hold a ‘Korean Philosophy Intersection Seminar’ involving domestic advisors and overseas scholars in related fields to improve the quality of translation as well as discuss important philosophical topics of Korean philosophy.

Prof. Back, who is in charge of this project, said, “I hope this translation project will not only inform the world of profits and his ideas but also serve as a new model to promote Korean philosophy to the world through collaboration with various researchers.”

Information on this project can be found on the Korean Studies Promotion Service website (http://ksps.aks.ac.kr/hpjsp/hmp/).

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